10 ways to check cut flowers for freshness

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Here’s a concise 10-point guide on how to inspect cut flowers for freshness. When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask your florist questions -- a good flower shop will be happy to advise you.

  1. Stem Firmness:

    • Gently squeeze the stem near the base.
    • Fresh stems should feel firm, not mushy or slimy.
  2. Petal Condition:

    • Examine petals for bruising, browning, or wilting.
    • Fresh flowers have vibrant, intact petals.
  3. Leaf Health:

    • Check leaves for discoloration or yellowing.
    • Healthy leaves indicate fresh blooms.
  4. Water Clarity:

    • Look at the vase water.
    • Clear water suggests freshness; cloudy water may harbor bacteria.
  5. Buds and Blooms:

    • Choose partially open buds or just-opened blooms.
    • Avoid fully mature flowers, as they won’t last as long.
  6. Stem Ends:

    • Inspect the cut ends of stems.
    • Freshly cut stems should be clean and not slimy.
  7. Smell Test:

    • Take a whiff of the flowers.
    • Fresh blooms have a pleasant fragrance.
  8. Stem Length:

    • Longer stems indicate freshness.
    • Short, trimmed stems may be older.
  9. Color Intensity:

    • Bright, vivid colors signal freshness.
    • Faded or dull hues may indicate aging.
  10. Time Since Cutting:

    • Ask the florist when the flowers were cut.
    • Fresher flowers last longer in your vase.

These simple checks will help you select the freshest flowers for your arrangements.


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