Blossoming Success: The Flower Chimp Story

HK Flower Chimp flower delivery

In the vibrant e-commerce landscape, few have blossomed as impressively as Flower Chimp, the online florist that has redefined fresh flower delivery across Southeast Asia. With a strategic approach to digital marketing and customer engagement, Flower Chimp has seen a remarkable 231% increase in total conversion rates, a testament to their innovative practices and customer-centric philosophy.

Roots of Growth

Founded with the vision of delivering joy through bouquets, Flower Chimp tapped into the power of Microsoft Advertising to expand its reach. By leveraging Multimedia ads, Dynamic Remarketing, Search ads, and Shopping ads, they’ve created a rich media presence that resonates with both existing and new customers.

A Flourishing Digital Strategy

The results speak for themselves. Flower Chimp’s campaigns have not only achieved a 2.4x increase in Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) but also contributed a significant 5-7% of its order revenue to Microsoft Advertising efforts. This growth is indicative of Flower Chimp’s ability to connect with their audience effectively, showcasing their products’ beauty and freshness through compelling digital narratives.

Cultivating Customer Relationships

At the heart of Flower Chimp’s success is a commitment to customer satisfaction. From higher open rates to improved ROI, their partnership with Netcore Cloud has reshaped the digital marketing landscape, proving that a focus on customer engagement is key to driving growth in the online floristry sector.

The Future in Bloom

As Flower Chimp continues to expand its operations, it stands as a beacon of success in the online business world. Their journey from budding startup to a flourishing enterprise is an inspiration for all digital marketers and entrepreneurs aiming to make an impact in the e-commerce domain.


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