Can I send flowers to a Hong Kong hospital?

HK hospital - send flower delivery

Sending flowers to a hospital in Hong Kong is a thoughtful gesture, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth delivery. Here’s a guide on sending flowers to a Hong Kong hospital:

  1. Hospital Policies:

    • Contact the Hospital: Before sending flowers, call the hospital directly or check their website for specific guidelines regarding flower deliveries. Some units (such as intensive care or oncology) may have restrictions due to patient conditions or treatments.
    • Delivery Hours: Hospitals often have specific delivery hours. Make sure your chosen florist can deliver during those times.
  2. Choose Allergy-Friendly Flowers:

    • Opt for flowers that are less likely to trigger allergies. Consider varieties with low pollen counts.
    • Safe Choices:
      • Phlox: These have non-airborne pollen.
      • Hydrangea: Prolific blooms without causing allergies.
      • Verbena: Delicate clusters of flowers.
      • Snapdragons: Tall spikes of color.
      • Penstemon: Tubular flowers.
      • Iris: Elegant and safe for allergy-prone individuals.
  3. Select a Reputable Florist:

    • Choose a florist with experience in hospital deliveries.
    • Ensure they understand hospital protocols and can coordinate with hospital staff.
  4. Avoid Strong Fragrances:

    • Some patients may be sensitive to strong floral scents. Opt for mild or unscented flowers.
  5. Include a Card or Note:

    • Attach a card with a get-well message or warm wishes. Personalize it to show your care.
  6. Delivery Address and Patient Details:

    • Provide accurate details, including the patient’s full name, ward, and room number.
    • Hospitals may not accept deliveries without proper recipient information.
  7. Consider Alternatives:

    • If the hospital has restrictions, consider sending a fruit basket or other non-floral gifts.
    • Fresh fruit arrangements are a healthy and thoughtful option.
  8. Same-Day Delivery:

    • If you want same-day delivery, place your order early to meet the cutoff time.
    • Some florists offer express delivery services.

Remember that each hospital may have its own policies, so it’s best to verify directly with the hospital or consult a reliable florist.


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