Choosing graduation flowers for Hong Kong

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When it comes to celebrating a graduation in Hong Kong, flowers are a traditional and meaningful gift. Each university in Hong Kong has its own unique style and culture, so it's important to choose the right bouquet to match the occasion. Here is a guide to help you select the perfect flowers for different universities in Hong Kong.

City University of Hong Kong

For graduates of City University of Hong Kong, a modern and sophisticated bouquet would be ideal. Consider a sleek arrangement of orchids or lilies, symbolizing success and elegance. These flowers will complement the contemporary vibe of the university.

The University of Hong Kong

At The University of Hong Kong, a more traditional and classic bouquet would be fitting. Opt for a bouquet of roses or peonies, symbolizing admiration and prosperity. These timeless flowers will resonate with the rich history and prestige of the university.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

For graduates of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a vibrant and colorful bouquet would be a great choice. Choose a mix of sunflowers, daisies, and tulips to represent joy, new beginnings, and success. These cheerful flowers will match the lively atmosphere of the university.

Hong Kong Baptist University

For graduates of Hong Kong Baptist University, a simple yet elegant bouquet would be perfect. Consider a bouquet of hydrangeas or carnations, symbolizing gratitude and admiration. These understated flowers will complement the humble and down-to-earth nature of the university.

When selecting flowers for a graduation in Hong Kong, it's important to consider the style and culture of the university. By choosing the right bouquet, you can show your support and congratulations in a meaningful and thoughtful way.


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