Cut flower varieties that require more water and resources

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When it comes to cut flowers, some varieties require more water and resources to grow than others. Here’s a guide to help you understand which flowers fall into this category:

  1. Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria):

    • Why They Require Resources: Alstroemerias are popular for cut arrangements, but they are sensitive to fluoride in water. They need consistent moisture and well-drained soil.
    • Recommended Varieties: Look for white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or red varieties.
  2. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia):

    • Why They Require Resources: Bird of paradise is a tropical plant that demands lots of sunlight and warmth. It can be grown indoors or outdoors in frost-free areas.
    • Recommended Varieties: These striking flowers last seven to 14 days in a vase when freshly cut
  3. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus):

    • Why They Require Resources: Carnations are long-lasting and easy to grow from seed. They thrive with even moisture and well-drained soil.
    • Recommended Varieties: Explore yellow, pink, red, white, magenta, coral, or bicolor carnations.
  4. Gladiolus:

    • Why They Require Resources: Gladioli are tall summer bulbs that need consistent watering. Keep an eye on water levels, especially during hot weather.
    • Recommended Varieties: These vibrant spikes of flowers can reach four to six feet in height.
  5. Sunflower:

    • Why They Require Resources: Sunflowers are thirsty plants. Their large, cheerful blooms demand ample water.
    • Recommended Varieties: Choose from single-stem or branching sunflowers for your arrangements.
  6. Zinnia:

    • Why They Require Resources: Zinnias are easy to grow from seed and thrive in containers. They need adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients.
    • Recommended Varieties: Opt for zinnias in various hues for a colorful cut flower garden.
  7. Sweet Pea:

    • Why They Require Resources: Sweet peas are fragrant and delicate. They require consistent moisture and well-drained soil.
    • Recommended Varieties: These charming flowers add a romantic touch to any arrangement.
  8. Lily:

    • Why They Require Resources: Lilies come in various forms and colors. They need rich, loamy soil and regular watering.
    • Recommended Varieties: Explore the “Crystal Collection” of tree lilies for long-lasting cut flowers.

While these flowers may require more resources, their beauty and longevity in arrangements make them worthwhile choices. With proper care and attention will ensure stunning cut flower displays, responsible Hong Kong florists and HK flower lovers can make the effort worth it.


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