Food waste items that are great for roses

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Roses can indeed benefit from certain food waste items that provide essential nutrients. Let’s explore five natural ingredients you can use to help your roses grow bigger and healthier:

  1. Kelp:

    • Nutrients: Kelp is rich in essential nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
    • Benefits: These nutrients boost flower production and overall plant health. Kelp also contains natural growth hormones that help flowers grow stronger.
    • Application: Crush a few kelp tablets and add them to your liquid fertilizer during scheduled watering.
  2. Banana Peels:

    • Nutrients: Banana peels are rich in potassium.
    • Benefits: Potassium strengthens a rose’s immune system and enhances water intake, leading to bigger blooms.
    • Method: Smash the banana peels flat and bury them four to six inches at the base of your rose plants.
  3. Coffee Grounds:

    • Nutrients: Coffee grounds provide nitrogen.
    • Benefits: Nitrogen is crucial for strong foliage growth. Additionally, coffee grounds slightly acidify the soil, which roses prefer.
    • Usage: Add a few teaspoons of coffee grounds to the rose soil.
  4. Used Tea Bags or Leaves:

    • Nutrients: Tea leaves contain various nutrients, including tannins.
    • Benefits: Tannins improve soil structure and promote healthy root development.
    • Method: Bury used tea bags or sprinkle dried tea leaves around the base of your rose plants.
  5. Egg Shells:

    • Nutrients: Eggshells provide calcium.
    • Benefits: Calcium strengthens cell walls and helps prevent diseases.
    • Application: Crush eggshells and mix them into the soil around your roses.

Remember to use these food waste items in moderation and alongside regular fertilization practices. Your roses will appreciate the natural boost.


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