How florists work with customers for custom arrangements

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Collaborating with customers to create custom floral arrangements is a delightful process that allows you to infuse your expertise with their unique preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide for florists:

1. Understand the Customer’s Vision

  • Consultation: Begin with an in-depth conversation. Ask questions to understand their occasion, style preferences, color palette, and any specific flowers they love or dislike.
  • Inspiration: Encourage them to share images or ideas they’ve collected. This helps you visualize their vision.

2. Discuss Practical Details

  • Budget: Be transparent about costs. Discuss their budget and guide them on what’s feasible within that range.
  • Delivery Date and Location: Determine when and where the arrangement will be delivered.

3. Design Process

  • Flower Selection:
    • Seasonal Blooms: Suggest flowers that are in season. They’ll be fresher and more cost-effective.
    • Texture and Shape: Consider the arrangement’s purpose (e.g., centerpiece, bridal bouquet). Discuss whether they prefer a loose, garden-style arrangement or a more structured design.
    • Foliage and Fillers: Discuss greenery and filler flowers to complement the main blooms.
  • Color Harmony:
    • Color Wheel: Explain color combinations. Some customers may want monochromatic arrangements, while others prefer contrasting hues.
    • Meaning of Flowers: Share the symbolism behind different flowers (e.g., red roses for love, yellow for friendship).
  • Vessel Selection:
    • Vase or Container: Discuss options based on the arrangement’s size and style.
    • Theme: Consider the overall theme (e.g., rustic, modern, vintage).
  • Sketch or Mood Board:
    • Create a rough sketch or digital mood board to visualize the arrangement. Include flower types, colors, and arrangement style.

4. Collaborate During the Creation

  • In-Progress Updates: Share photos or videos as you work on the arrangement. This keeps the customer engaged and excited.
  • Adjustments: Be open to minor adjustments based on their feedback. Sometimes, seeing the actual arrangement sparks new ideas.

5. Final Presentation and Care Tips

  • Delivery or Pickup:
    • Deliver the arrangement personally or ensure safe packaging for pickup.
    • Include a care card with instructions on water changes, trimming stems, and prolonging freshness.
  • Photograph the Arrangement: Capture its beauty before handing it over.

Communication is key. Listen attentively, offer guidance, and celebrate the collaborative process.


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