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Are you passionate about flowers and design? Have you ever considered a career as a florist? There are various companies where you can work as a florist, each offering unique opportunities to showcase your creativity and skills.

Florist Shop

Working in a traditional florist shop is a great way to start your career as a florist. You will have the chance to interact with customers, create beautiful arrangements, and learn about different types of flowers. This hands-on experience will help you develop your skills and build a strong foundation in floral design.

Hong Kong's best florist shops:

Hotel Florist

Hotels often have their own in-house florists to create stunning floral displays for events, weddings, and guest rooms. As a hotel florist, you will have the opportunity to work on large-scale projects and collaborate with event planners and decorators. This role requires attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

Hong Kong's best hotel florist:

Ecommerce Florist Company

In today's digital age, many florists are turning to ecommerce platforms to sell their products online. Working for an ecommerce florist company allows you to reach a wider audience and explore innovative ways to showcase your floral creations. You may be involved in website design, social media marketing, and order fulfillment, giving you a well-rounded experience in the floral industry.

Hong Kong's best e-commerce florist:

Whether you choose to work in a traditional florist shop, a hotel setting, or an ecommerce company, a career as a florist offers endless opportunities for creativity and growth. Consider exploring these different career paths to find the perfect fit for your passion for flowers and design.


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