Tools used by florists to condition flowers

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Florists are experts in the art of arranging and caring for flowers. To ensure that their floral creations look stunning and last as long as possible, they rely on a variety of tools for conditioning and de-thorning flowers. Let's explore some of the essential tools that florists use in their daily work.

Floral Shears

One of the most important tools in a florist's arsenal is a good pair of floral shears. These specialized scissors are designed to make clean cuts on flower stems, ensuring that the flowers can properly absorb water and nutrients. Floral shears are also used to remove any damaged or wilted parts of the flowers, helping to prolong their freshness.

Thorn Strippers

When working with thorny flowers like roses or thistles, florists use thorn strippers to quickly and safely remove thorns and prickles. These handy tools have a series of small blades that can easily strip thorns from stems, making it easier to handle the flowers without getting pricked.

Floral Foam

Floral foam is a spongy material that florists use to anchor flowers in place in arrangements. This foam holds water, keeping the flowers hydrated and fresh for longer periods. Florists can shape the foam to fit different containers and create intricate designs for their floral displays.

Water Tubes

Water tubes are small vials that florists use to keep individual flowers hydrated. These tubes are filled with water and attached to the stems of delicate flowers to ensure that they have a fresh water supply. Water tubes are especially useful for flowers that are prone to wilting quickly.

Floral Preservative

To extend the life of cut flowers, florists often use floral preservatives in the water that they use for arrangements. These preservatives contain nutrients and antimicrobial agents that help to keep the flowers looking fresh and vibrant. By using floral preservatives, florists can ensure that their arrangements last longer and stay beautiful.

By using these essential tools for conditioning and de-thorning flowers, florists can create stunning floral arrangements that will delight their customers. Whether it's trimming stems, removing thorns, or keeping flowers hydrated, these tools are essential for maintaining the beauty and freshness of cut flowers.


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